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Vacuum Pumps & Spares

Goss Scientific supply the Edwards range of high vacuum equipment and accessories.
Discounts are available on these products so please contact us for an up to date quotation.
We also offer a range of repair services on Edwards pumps and controllers.
Turbomolecular Pumps (new)

EXT75DX and EXT255DX


These pumps are replacements for the discontinued range of EXT70 and EXT255 turbo pumps. We can provide fitting advice and offer discounts over list price.


Please contact us for pricing on any turbo pump manufactured by Edwards.

Turbomolecular Pumps (refurbished)

EXT70, EXT70H, EXT255 and Blazers/Pfeiffer.


Although discontinued we can supply replacement pumps on an exchange basis or can have your own pump refurbished.


Please see our IRMS spares page for a list of current stock.

Turbomolecular Pump Controllers



We have stock of refurbished EXC100L controllers. These can be sold on an exchange basis or we can repair your broken controller.

Rotary Pumps (new & refurbished)

E2M0.7, E2M1.5 and RV3


Goss Scientific can supply new rotary pumps or can offer a range of standard service, repair or refurbishment options. This can be done by sending the pump to us or on an exchange basis to suit your budget and requirements.

Other Vacuum Products



A range of vacuum gauges and replacement parts are available including AIM, APG and AIG gauges.


Turbo Instrument Controllers


A series of vacuum instrument controllers providing compact control with a graphical display that can also be interfaced to a pc. The TIC controls all functions associated with active vacuum gauges, rotary or diaphragm pumps and turbomolecular pumps.




Also available are a large range of vacuum accessories including seals, bellows, cooling fans, flanges, flexible tubes, vent valves, copper and aluminium gaskets, clamps, etc.

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