Second User Instruments & Upgrades

Goss Scientific re-manufacture and supply pre-owned IRMS instruments. Our engineers have been involved in the design, manufacture, build and installation of such instruments for over 20 years.
Our second user instruments are mainly sold to developing 
countries where funding negates the ability to purchase new instruments.
We also offer upgrades to keep older instruments running.
Our Mission

Goss Scientific do not manufacture new instruments. Our aim is to sell re-manufactured instruments to places that would never otherwise have the funding for an IRMS instrument.

Once a research institute or University begins to publish papers they may attract further funding which will ultimately allow them to extend their IRMS capabilities - our mission is to help them with this first step.


The manufacturers of new instruments are unlikely to sell re-manufactured instruments since it reduces their profits and they are more likely to scrap old instruments rather than recycle them.


If you have an old instrument you wish to dispose of please contact us. We will happily purchase the instrument and allow another user the future benefit. This is of course also a more environmentally friendly  pathway for the old instrument.

Second User Instruments Supplied

We have a great knowledge base of the Europa / SerCon models so these are the instruments that we supply.

Over the years we have built up large stocks of spares for these instruments enabling us to offer support for many years.

Please see our news page for currently available instruments or contact us.

Instruments Purchased - have one for sale?

We will buy any old Europa Scientific, PDZ Europa or SerCon instruments. Please contact us if you would like us to make you an offer.

We are insterested in instruments of any age, condition, working or not working.

We will also buy any spare parts you have, working or not working.

Instrument Upgrades & Repairs

We can repair most components on the Europa / SerCon instruments and have full test and repair facilities.


Where components have become obsolete we can offer upgrades.


Many of the older instruments are fitted with Edwards EXT70 turbo pumps which are no longer manufactured. There are repair facilities currently available but within the next few years even spare parts will be obsolete.


We can offer an upgrade to the latest generation turbo pumps. This can be done in our facilities or on your site for a fraction of the cost of the manufacturer.

We have deleoped an interface module to make this process quick and easy and work is carried out by an engineer with over 20 years experience on these systems. All vacuum / source interlocks are maintained plus we add a new one for extra protection.


Please contact us for a quotation.

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