IRMS Service & Upgrades

Goss Scientific stock a wide selection of new, second user and
remanufactured spare parts for Europa Scientific / PDZ Europa / SerCon instruments.
All second user and remanufactured spare parts are tested on our own instruments and offered with a warranty. These are a very cost effective alternative to buying new.
Instrument Servicing

Goss Scientific can offer servicing and repairs on Europa Scientific / PDZ Europa / SerCon instruments. Repairs can be done in-house or on the customers site. We have 20+ years experience in the design, manufacture, build and service of these instruments.

Our service rates are significantly less than those of the manufacturer, we are fully insured and all work is guaranteed.

In our repair workshop we are fully equiped with electronics test rigs and a full EA - IRMS instrument for testing repaired parts such as samplers, ion sources, collectors, circuit boards, pumps, etc,

IRMS Upgrades

The EXT70 turbo pumps currently fitted to many Europa / SerCon instruments are obsolete. In the next couple of years it may become impossible to support them meaning that when they fail they will need to be replaced with the new generation of pumps.

Goss Scientific offer a vacuum system upgrade either in our factory or on your site. Returning the system to the factory is expensive and risks possible damage to the instrument. Please contact us for pricing, you will find our prices are much lower than the manufacturer.

We have already performed this upgrade for several customers.

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